La Oferta

March 26, 2023

Spanish band Izal to debut in U.S. after major success in Mexico

After a successful tour of Mexico, Spanish pop-rock band Izal will debut on Wednesday at the Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York.

In an interview with EFE, band members said their success was tied to “avoiding labels,” ignoring those who consider their music “indie” or even “mainstream,” after performing at more than 20 festivals this summer.

The word “indie” is accepted by the group only if it refers to the fact that they never had a record label and their success grew with the use of Internet and money from the band members and fans.

“In that sense, yeah, we’re more indie,” vocalist and composer Mikel Izal said.
Band member Emanuel “Gato” Perez said the band’s success meant more because it occurred without the support of the mainstream media and radio.

“We have grown alone, nobody’s told us what to do,” Perez, the group’s bassist, said.
Izal is one of the bands chosen to represent Spain at the LAMC, giving fans a taste of the “Made in Spain” sound.

The group’s members, however, do not consider themselves more representative of the Spanish national music scene than other bands.

Izal, known for hit songs like “El baile,” “Toxica” and “La mujer de verde,” rejects comparisons to groups like Vetusta Morla.

Mikel Izal said the band tries to compose a song each month and members understand the frustration of a segment of Spanish youth beyond lyrics of heartbreak.

The 17th edition of LAMC New York will feature several Spanish groups, thanks to the efforts of Sounds from Spain.

Among the other performers at LAMC are Mexico’s Carla Morrison and Spanish bands Joe Crepusculo, Sexy Zebras, Polock, Kokoshca and John Grvy.