La Oferta

August 9, 2022

Brazil says it will shoot down aircrafts if airspace violated at Olympics

Brazil’s government warned Wednesday that it will shoot down any unidentified aircraft that violates the protected airspace around facilities of the Olympics Games in Rio de Janeiro this August.

“We are not playing,” said Defense minister Raul Jungmann while introducing the Olympics Games security plan at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro.

The plan involves security provided by 41,000 soldiers during the event, 21,000 of them in Rio de Janeiro and the rest in the other five cities where the Rio 2016 Olympic soccer tournament will be held.

At the request of the regional government of Rio de Janeiro, another 3,000 soldiers have been added to the initial figure of 38,000.

The armed forces will deploy twelve large ships and 48 smaller vessels, 70 armored vehicles, in addition to 28 helicopters, 1,169 vehicles and 174 motorcycles.

The soldiers will patrol main streets and avenues in Rio de Janeiro, as well as the airport, train and bus stations and areas surrounding the competition.

Major tourist attractions such as the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches and other areas in the city will be monitored by the Military Police of Rio de Janeiro.

Access to Olympic stadiums and facilities will be regulated by the National Public Security Force, an elite body under the Ministry of Justice composed of police from all over the country.

The government also announced on Tuesday that security in the airports will be reinforced, following a request made by airlines.