La Oferta

April 1, 2023

Bill Clinton backing Kaine for Democratic VP pick

Former President Bill Clinton on Thursday expressed his support for Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine as the vice presidential pick of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, his wife Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton will select her running mate in the coming days and Kaine is one of the names mentioned as being at the top of her short list.

The former president feels that Kaine has the necessary experience in domestic and international policy and thus would be the best person to fill the vice presidential slot.

The support of Mrs. Clinton’s husband for Kaine, as reported Thursday in The New York Times, means that the senator likely has the best chance of being selected.

Kaine, who in 2008 figured as a possibility for Barack Obama’s VP pick, has a long career in public office, as senator as well as governor of Virginia, but also as a well-known expert in questions related to Spain and Latin America.

The others that Hillary Clinton is considering for vice president include Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Labor Secretary Thomas Perez.

The Democratic National Convention, to be held in Philadelphia from July 25-28, will officially designate Clinton as the party’s presidential nominee.