La Oferta

August 10, 2022

Peru’s new president leads independence celebration

Just-inaugurated President Pedro Kuczynski began his tenure by leading the military parade to mark Friday’s 195th anniversary of Peruvian independence.

On this occasion, military detachments from Argentina, Bolivia and Chile joined Peru’s armed forces for the procession as a gesture to the new commander-in-chief in Lima, who took office Thursday.

Kuczynski chaired the parade and told the press he felt “pride in our armed forces and police.”

The president was joined in the official reviewing stand by Congress speaker Luz Salgado, Supreme Court Chief Justice Victor Ticona and members of the Cabinet, among other dignitaries.

Hours before the ceremony, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala said the new Cabinet will convene on Aug. 4 to begin drafting the set of proposals the government will present to Congress.

By Aug. 15, the Cabinet will review the plan and ask Congress to adopt a series of economic and public safety bills and a first draft of the General Budget, Zavala said.

In his inaugural address on Thursday, Kuczynski said his administration will combat corruption, discrimination and crime.

Opposition congresswoman Lourdes Alcorta said the president’s speech was filled with “idealism, great enthusiasm” but a bit unreal because she added “pretending next year there will be no thieves on the streets, it is very difficult to believe.”