La Oferta

October 3, 2022

Clinton takes California, Colorado to pull ahead of Trump

Washington, Nov 8 (EFE).- Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton won California, Colorado and Oregon on Tuesday to pull ahead of Republican rival Donald Trump 197-187 in the electoral vote, CNN said.

Trump, meanwhile, was projected as the winner in North Carolina, where he bested the former secretary of state by 51 percent to 46 percent.

A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win.

California has been reliably Democratic in presidential elections for years, while once-Republican Colorado has been moving in the direction of the Democrats.

North Carolina has become a swing state, going for Democrat Barack Obama in 2008 before flipping back to the Republicans in 2012, when voters in the Tar Heel state opted for Mitt Romney.

Both the Trump and Clinton campaigns devoted enormous resources to North Carolina in the final days before the election, with Obama visiting the state several times to stump for the Democratic nominee.

Trump enjoys a significant lead over Clinton in Florida, which has 29 electoral votes.