La Oferta

October 2, 2023

Russia to announce countermeasures to US sanctions

Moscow, Dec 30 (EFE).- Russia was set to announce on Friday the measures it would take against the United States in response to sanctions imposed by Washington on Moscow for alleged interference in the US presidential elections.

In a Facebook post, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said there would be official statements and countermeasures.

She said the United States had been humiliated by its own president and not by international terrorists or enemy troops in response to sanctions approved by outgoing US President Barack Obama.

Zakharova dismissed the outgoing administration as foreign policy failures who were angry and unintelligent and who had given a destructive blow to the prestige and leadership of the US.

The remarks came despite a statement made by Russian Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov on Thursday who said Russian President Vladimir Putin would not rush to take sanctions against Washington.

The Russian president has denied on numerous occasions that the Kremlin was behind alleged interference in the US electoral process.