La Oferta

September 24, 2023

City Leaders appeal to the Community to help house displaced flood victims

SAN JOSE, CALIF. – This morning, San Jose leaders issued an appeal to the community to help secure short- and intermediate- term housing for all families who remain displaced due to the Coyote Creek flood.

Specifically, city leaders are calling on local property owners with vacant units – whether it’s an apartment, condominium, duplex, or single family home – to make these units available for families and individuals who remain unable to return to their homes.

“Unfortunately, we still have hundreds of families who cannot return home due to the damage caused by the recent floods – and the tight rental market in Silicon Valley has made it that much more challenging to secure housing for these families,” said Mayor Sam Liccardo. “Today, we’re calling on our entire community to help us provide a home for every family displaced by this flood.”

Over the past month, the City of San Jose had made extensive efforts to assist flood victims forced from their homes. The City has successfully cleared approximately 4,000 units for re-entry and, in just the past two weeks, secured short-term housing alternatives for an additional 50 displaced individuals who were still staying in the City’s shelter. As a result, only about 70 individuals remain in the City’s overnight shelter.

However, despite these efforts, the City estimates that approximately 500 families remain unable to return home and in need of either short- or intermediate- term housing options. Further complicating the situation, while displaced residents qualify for temporary rental subsidies and security deposits funded by the San Jose Flood Victims Relief Fund, the tight Silicon Valley rental market has created a significant barrier to housing displaced residents.

“While many residents may be able to eventually return to their homes, families need housing solutions right now to help bridge that gap,” said Jacky Morales-Ferrand, the City of San Jose’s Housing Director. “Finding immediate housing opportunities for our displaced neighbors is a critical part of helping our community continue to recover from this disaster.”

Fortunately, several local property owners have already stepped up to help address the critical housing need for flood-impacted families. To date, the following groups have made commitments to make housing units available for flood-displaced victims:

 –  California Apartment Association membership, including ABL Properties, Arcadia and Cambridge Management

– Winchester Mobile Home Park

– SummerHill Homes

“The California Apartment Association recognizes the urgent need for housing that the flood has placed on our already tight housing market,” said Anil Babbar, California Apartment Association. “It is because of this urgent need that we are placing a call to our membership to identify available rental units and provide that information to the City. We are honored that Mayor Liccardo has asked us to participate in assisting those affected by this natural disaster. And we are committing to staying engaged until the flood affected households are housed.”

“SummerHill understands the need for a place to call home, and we are honored to be able to contribute with housing needs in the wake of this disaster,” said Robert Freed, CEO of SummerHill Housing Group.

Property owners interesting in providing short- or intermediate-term housing options for flood victims should visit or call 1-877-428-8844 for information on how they can list their units.

“I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude for all of the property owners who have stepped up to help us meet the enormous need for housing in response to this tragedy,” said Mayor Liccardo. “Their generosity provides yet another example of how we’ve come together to support our neighbors in their time of need, and I call on our entire community to do whatever they can to help us provide a home for every family impacted by the flood.”