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August 17, 2022

Immigrant Community Members Outraged at DACA Termination, Speak Out With Respons

Donald Trump Lacks Moral Character and Sides with White Supremacists, Community Leaders to Hold Action Urging Congress to Take Action

SAN JOSE, CA — On September 5, 2017, the White House announced the sunset of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program in six months.

“This cruel action by Trump is nothing less than heartless and it confirms our worst fears. By shattering the lives and the dreams of nearly a million young people, he has clearly chosen to side with nativists and white supremacists. While Trump has fallen on the wrong side of history, immigrant youth and their families will continue to fight back. Our eyes remain not only on Trump to reverse his intent to undo the program but also turn towards Congress to take swift legislative action on the DREAM Act” said SIREN Executive Director Maricela Gutierrez.

DACA has allowed undocumented youth to contribute to their communities, to work, to go to school and to live their lives without fear of being ripped away from their families, and from a country they consider home. They are human beings who deserve dignity and respect as their neighbors, friends, fellow students or co-workers.

While we continue to fight for DACA and all undocumented immigrants, it is important that DACA-recipients keep the following in mind:

  • If the program ends but DACA-recipients are allowed to keep their work permits, you have the right to work legally until your work permit expires
  • Even if the program ends, you have no obligation to inform your employer that DACA has ended; your employer does not have the right to ask whether you are a DACA-recipient or how you got your work permit
  • Your employer does not have the right to fire you until after your work permit expires; if your expiration date is nearing, your employer may ask you for an updated work permit but cannot take any action against you until after it expires
  • Your Social Security Number is valid for life, even if your work permit or DACA expires
  • If you have a regular driver’s license and it expires after the program is terminated, you can still apply for an AB 60 driver’s license
  • If you are outside the US on advance parole, return as soon as possible
  • Seek trusted legal advice, especially if you are thinking of leaving the country, would like to be screened for other potential immigration benefits, or if you have encountered any criminal issues since receiving DACA
  • Remind yourself of your rights with ICE
  • If you have any questions, contact SIREN for an appointment or visit our weekly Thursday clinics for a free consultation at our offices

While our hearts are broken at this moment, our spirit is on fire. We will not forget—not today, not tomorrow, not ever. And we will fight back with everything we have. We will not stop until our families are safe and until the country reflects the beloved community we desire.

With six months until the program is expected to end, our fight will intensify now more than ever. We urge community members to weigh in with your members of Congress to call upon Trump to reverse his decision and to also push for robust legislation that will put DACA-recipients and undocumented immigrants on a path to citizenship. Specifically, we call upon members of Congress from both sides of the aisle to support the DREAM Act and the American Hope Act which will provide a pathway to citizenship for undocumented youth. Community members and allies are invited to join us for a press conference/action to stand with DACA-recipients and urge the White House and Congress to take action to support immigrant youth and their families.

WHAT: DACA Response Action

WHEN: TBD [2 hours after Trump’s Announcement]

WHERE: Martin Luther King Jr. Library, 150 E. San Antonio St. San Jose, 95112