La Oferta

November 30, 2023

570,000 People left without power in Mexico City after earthquake

Mexico City, Feb 16 (EFE).- At least 570,000 people in 112 colonies were left without electricity by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that struck Mexico City on Friday, although no casualties were reported, city mayor Miguel Angel Mancera said.

The power cut was the biggest problem caused by the earthquake in the capital, which remains “normal”, Mancera said in a report about the situation.

According to the mayor, the electricity commission has said that power will be restored the same night in at least 50 percent of the affected areas in Mexico City.

He also reported that health services attended to 266 cases of nervous breakdowns due to the tremor, most of them on the spot, and only six people had to be taken to hospitals, where they were later discharged without major complications.

Only one person was reported injured to the authorities, a 12-year-old girl who suffered a minor injury on the forehead.

The city’s metro services – spread over 226 kilometers on 12 lines – were halted for six minutes due to the earthquake and gradually restored after that, Mancera said.

The mayor reported that the biggest damages registered were the fall of a facade in the central Condesa district and a boundary wall in the western area of Tacuba.

He stressed that the road network and elevated roads were functioning regularly and the prison facilities were unaffected by the earthquake.