La Oferta

September 25, 2022

Mexican pop icon Luis Miguel kicks off tour after 2-year absence

Mexico City, Feb 22 (EFE).- Mexican pop icon Luis Miguel kicked off his “Mexico por siempre!” (Mexico Forever!) tour at Mexico City’s National Auditorium after a two-year absence from the stage.

“I had two great motivations to return to the stage: one is music and the other is you all,” the 47-year-old singer said, thanking the audience for giving him “so much love over so many years.”

After a 30-minute wait, the artist appeared on stage in the capital on Wednesday night, clad in the classic suit he is best known for and preceded by a light and sound show outlining his silhouette, building up fans’ excitement and anticipation.

The shadow of scandal and fans’ high expectations did not hinder his performance, with the singer revisiting hits, working his way back to the songs that made him famous in his early teens.

The Puerto Rico-born star was arrested in Los Angeles in 2017 for failing to appear in court several times in a breach of contract case involving his former manager, William Brockhaus, who sued him for $1 million.

In 2015 and 2016, the singer cancelled several shows, sometimes suddenly walking off stage, to the despair of the audience.

Luis Miguel delighted the 10,000 fans in the Mexico City venue, where he is set to perform 11 more times.

At the end of the show, the artist left the stage in a cloud of white confetti, performing an encore after several minutes.

“Thanks to my audience. To all my fans: I love you,” he said after leaving the stage a final time.