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March 25, 2023


February 21; Sacramento, Calif. – Monterey Bay Aquarium recognized California Assemblymembers Eduardo Garcia and Mark Stone with 2018 Ocean Champion Awards, honoring their significant contributions to California’s ocean and coastal leadership. Aquarium Executive Director Julie Packard presented the awards at a reception during Ocean Day California 2018 on February 20.
“What makes California great is our commitment to both economic growth and the stewardship of our environment,” Packard said during the presentation. “We know—and we’ve proved time and again—that you don’t have to sacrifice the environment to build a strong economy. And we know that the natural bounty of our state should benefit all Californians.”
Assemblymember Garcia, whose 56th District includes parts of Riverside and Imperial counties, received the honor for his sponsorship of climate-related policy, including AB 398 and SB 5. Garcia authored AB 398, signed by Governor Jerry Brown last July, which extends and improves California’s cap-and-trade program, helping our state continue to meet its ambitious climate action goals. Garcia also played a key role in bringing a $4 billion park and water bond proposal to California voters, joining Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de León in putting the measure on the June 2018 ballot. If voters approveProposition 68, the bond will fund projects to help ensure clean drinking water; safeguard our state’s oceans, rivers, lakes and streams; and build new outdoor spaces in neighborhoods.
Assemblymember Stone represents the 29th District, which includes parts of Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and Monterey counties. The award acknowledged his efforts to advance a number of issues important to the ocean and coasts, including laws curbing illegal coastal development, reducing plastic pollution and cleaning up drinking water supplies. As Chair of the Select Committee on Coastal Protection and Access to Natural Resources, Stone held hearings on oil spill prevention efforts, plastic pollution, beach erosion and coastal access for all Californians. He also serves on the state’s Ocean Protection Council.
In addition to the accomplishments of the two Ocean Champions, Packard highlighted several other actions California took for ocean health in 2017, including the state’s lead role in formation of the U.S. Climate Alliance, and its opposition to new oil and gas drilling off the West Coast.  
Monterey Bay Aquarium presents the Ocean Champion Award annually to outstanding California leaders. The award is part of the aquarium’s work toinspire and inform government decision-makers to take science-based action on behalf of the ocean.
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