La Oferta

October 2, 2022

Statement from Mayor Sam Liccardo re: Rumor of Bay Area ICE Actions

San Jose, Calif. – Following is a statement for San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo regarding recent rumors of ICE operations planned for the Bay Area:
The Administration’s indiscriminate approach to immigration enforcement only serves to intensify fear in our community.  These fears are exacerbated by recent rumors that additional ICE operations may be imminent.
Beyond learning of a few isolated arrests, we have not yet been able to confirm the veracity of rumors about any widespread ICE operations in the Bay Area.  Regardless of the truth of these rumors, my message to our immigrant residents remains the same: we have your back.  The San Jose Police Department does NOT participate in ICE operations. The SJPD will remain focused on protecting our residents and responding to predatory crime in our community.
To our immigrant San Joseans:

Please continue to call 911 when you witness a crime or need emergency medical assistance. Our police officers and first responders are here to serve our community, and will not disclose immigration status to ICE, nor participate in immigration enforcement operations.

Our residents should remain vigilant, but after consulting with several experts on the subject, I believe that families should continue the essential tasks of their daily lives: allowing children to go to school, keeping medical appointments, and the like.  Rumors may continue to arise in the weeks and months ahead, but until they are verified, we must not allow mere rumors to undermine the life-sustaining activities of thousands of our immigrant families.

Nonetheless, ongoing vigilance is imperative.  Families should prepare a communications plan that includes having a power of attorney ready, and carrying a list of important emergency contact phone numbers.   We have also established a 24/7 hotline to share information about ICE activity and to help our network of community partners rapidly respond to provide support and representation to those affected by such enforcement actions. Please call 408-290-1144 if you observe ICE activity at your work or in your neighborhood.

Legal resources for families can be sought through the Immigrant Legal Resource Center website,, and by calling the SIREN hotline at 408-453-3017 (Spanish/English), and 408-453-3013 (Vietnamese/ English).  I also encourage everyone to learn about their rights and the resources available in our community by visiting or contacting our City’s Office of Immigrant Affairs by phone at 408-535-8146.

In addition, local business owners should know that, under California law, employers must request any ICE officials to show a warrant or other court order prior to allowing entry entering any non-public areas of the workplace. For more information on your obligations as an employer, please learn about the new state law that took effect on January 1:”