La Oferta

December 3, 2023

Venezuela patients with Parkinson’s ask UN to help solve lack of medicines

Caracas, Apr 9 (EFE).- Dozens of patients with Parkinson’s disease demanded Monday that Venezuelan health authorities renew the program through which they had received medicines, and which they said has been inoperative since last August, and asked the United Nations representative in the country to intervene in the situation.

“We demand that the government immediately renew the Siamet program for the Sinemet 25/250 milligram medication that would benefit 17,000 patients,” said Aida Cabreras, vice president of the Venezuela Parkinson’s Foundation, during a protest outside UN headquarters in Caracas.

That organization, the beneficiary of medication obtained through an agreement between the Health Ministry and the Farmatodo pharmacy chain, delivered to UN representatives in the country a document asking for its “mediation” so that patients can “receive as soon as possible any kind of help, including donations.”

In that sense, they asked the UN for its help in obtaining “a way to get pharmaceuticals” or just indicate a way to get the medicines they need.

The vice president of the foundation said that since last August, nine patients with Parkinson’s have died for the lack of medication.

During the protest, some of those present asked amid tears for help in getting the medicine.

“We’re dying, my friends, we’re dying of hunger, of hopelessness, of insecurity, for a lack of medicines. How long will the government put us through this?” Elisa Plaja asked reporters, saying she had a brother suffering from the disease.

For her part, dentist Glorimar Gonzalez Arteaga expressed her concern about the situation, since her mother also suffers from Parkingson’s.

Venezuela has been going through a desperate crisis in matters of food and medicines for more than three years.

In recent months, the protests over lack of medicines has increased, since patients on dialysis, with cancer or suffering many other illnesses, along with doctors, have taken to the streets to demand that the Nicolas Maduro government do something to guarantee the good health of Venezuelans.