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December 11, 2023

Carmona: If you have heart, it’s impossible not to be affected by flamenco

Spanish flamenco dancer Jesus Carmona (R) and flamenco singer Maria Toledo pose for Efe at the Cultural Spanish Center in Miami, Florida, United States, 17 May 2018. Carmona will close the exhibition ‘Corrientes. Movement with Purpose’ today. EFE

Miami, May 17 (EFE).- Dancer Jesus Carmona, who on Thursday will put the crowning touch on an exposition of photos and video by artists from various countries, saying that if one has “heart, blood and veins it’s impossible for flamenco not to touch you.”

Carmona is in Miami to spearhead the “Corrientes: Movement with Purpose” project, an idea that took shape when last year at the city’s Flamenco Festival he presented his show titled “Impetus,” with which he is on a world tour, he told EFE.

On Tuesday, he viewed the exposition at Miami’s Spanish Cultural Center, with works about him and his dancing by Argentine videoartist Lulo Rivero, the director of the short film “Impetus: Flamenco’s Driving Force,” and photographers Luis Olazabal (Peru), Osmany Torres (Cuba) and Ricardo Cornejo (Ecuador).

These are visions by artists from different countries but “they reflect very well the energy of my dancing,” said Carmona, who was born in Barcelona 33 years ago and has lived in Madrid for the past 16 years.
Carmona will put the crowning touch on the exposition by performing a dance he choreographed himself based on Isaac Albeniz’s piece “Asturias.”

The dancer, surrounded by 24 large and medium-sized photos showing him dancing or posing in different locations around Miami, said that he is already working so that the “Corrientes” project, which has been put together with “so much quality and love,” will have a “long run.”

Its creators want to take the exposition to New York, where Carmona has had resounding success with “Impetus,” the fourth production staged by his dance company, and in the future he would like the photos and the video to accompany him on his tour, which will take him to Brazil and Australia, after performing in the US, France and Italy, among other countries.

Carmona says that flamenco’s great attraction is that it is “a very primary, very savage art … understandable to any person and culture” without regard for race, religion or ideology.

“It goes directly to the soul, the heart,” he said.