La Oferta

November 30, 2023

Piñera launches Chile Roadmap to cleaner, more sustainable energy

Handout picture made available by the Presidency of Chile shows Chilean President Sebastian Pinera (R) and Energy Minister of Chile Susana Jimenez (L) while presenting the Energy Route 2018-2022: ‘Leading the modernization with citizen seal’, in the Palacio de la Moneda of Santiago, Chile, 25 May 2018. EFE

Santiago, May 25 (EFE).- Chilean President Sebastian Piñera announced Friday an energy plan than is cleaner, more competitive and more sustainable.

This is the “2018-2022 Energy Roadmap: Modernization with the citizens’ stamp of approval,” which the president presented at La Moneda Palace together with Energy Minister Susana Jimenez, and which is the guide to the government’s work in energy matters.

“The commitment we made to all Chileans was that the country will not only advance toward an integral, inclusive and sustainable development, but also toward a matrix of energy that is more competitive, cleaner and more sustainable,” Piñera said at the ceremony.

Piñera said that currently all projects being environmentally evaluated, worth some $13 billion, and those already in construction for some $7 billion, are aimed at producing renewable energy.

The plan, according to the government, has seven strategic areas: energy modernization, energy with citizens’ stamp of approval, energy development, low-emission energy, sustainable transport, energy efficiency, and energy education and training.

Among them is the aim to quadruple the current capacity for distributing renewable, small-scale energy (less than 300 kw) by the year 2022, and increase by at least 10 times the number of electric vehicles in Chile, while also modernizing the regulation of electricity distribution through a participative process.

The Energy Roadmap also includes taking energy modernization to every corner of the country and its 17.5 million inhabitants, closing the existing gaps in access and bringing all Chileans the latest in technology and digitization, while promoting an energy culture, the government said.