La Oferta

December 10, 2023

Juanes electrifies urban music with poetic eroticism, feminist power

Fotografía promocional cedida del cantautor colombiano Juan Esteban Aristizábal, Juanes. El cantautor colombiano Juanes publicó “Pa dentro”, el primer sencillo de un próximo disco que, explica a Efe, está cargado de ritmos urbanos y sonidos de fiesta, pero también de “poesía” y el “más sagrado respeto a la música y a las letras” y a la mujer. EFE

Miami, Jun 1 (EFE).- Colombian singer-songwriter Juanes has published “Pa Dentro (Within),” the first single from his upcoming album, which, he told EFE, is charged with urban rhythms and festive sounds, but also with poetry and the most sacred respect for the music, lyrics…and women.

The song, composed by his compatriot Camilo Echeverry and Venezuelans Mau and Ricky, sons of Ricardo Montaner, is full of eroticism and sensuality, though “carefully expressed and without losing our style,” Juanes said.

Just two months before turning 46, which he will celebrate on Aug. 9, Juan Esteban Aristizabal, his baptismal name, was inspired by the realities of his life in Miami to start composing his next album, his eighth as a soloist.

He said he wants to have fun. His kids no longer demand his constant attention. The youngest, Dante, turns 9 in September, while his daughters – Luna, 14, and Paloma, 12 – are getting into their teens.

“It’s all about me now. On weekends I want to go have fun, dance, dine and watch movies. I want to party and that’s where my new disc is going,” he said.

Though many Latino pop music artists flirt with urban music, Juanes acknowledges that his new musical stage is influenced by his kids.

“They play it 24 hours. I’ve gotten too used to that rhythm,” he said laughing, but added that while “Pa Dentro” has a reggaeton rhythm, he would never in the world consider himself a reggaeton singer, “out of respect,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be able to do that,” he said, adding that reggaeton is a movement and a style that is not his, but what is definitely his is a fusion of that music and, as in this case, being inspired by the Latin American way of getting raucous to create his own version of party music that is “extemporaneous and will last forever.”

“Pa Dentro” premiered this Thursday night with the colorful, artistic video that accompanies it and which was shot in Medellin where he was born.

The song is full of references to subjects that concern him as a father, as a Latin American and as a citizen of the world, including gender equality and urban violence.

The next Juanes concert will be staged in San Juan on June 15, to be followed the next day with a performance in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. On July 13 he will be off to Vienna, and will give five concerts in Spain between Aug. 1-10.