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September 30, 2022

Gloria Trevi says women as good as men in the music industry

Fotografía promocional cedida donde aparece la cantante mexicana Gloria Trevi quien ingresará en octubre próximo en el Salón de la Fama de Compositores Latinos convirtiéndose en la única mujer en recibir este reconocimiento este año. Valiente y decidida como siempre, a la cantautora mexicana Gloria Trevi no le gusta ir de víctima y dice bien alto en entrevista con Efe que las mujeres, siempre “contundentes” y batalladoras, no tienen nada que envidiar a los hombres en la industria musical. EFE

Miami, Jun 4 (EFE).- As courageous and decisive as ever, Mexican singer-songwriter Gloria Trevi doesn’t like to be the victim and said out loud in an interview with EFE, always forceful and battling, that women have no reason to envy men in the music industry.

“It’s true that we find it harder to succeed it because we have a lot of obstacles, but when we free ourselves we’re really strong,” she said.

“If you take a look, we’re the most imitated and our concerts are as much or more attended, so we’ve nothing to wail about or envy the guys for. We put up a tremendous battle!” she added.

La Trevi, as her fans call her, said clearly that women in this very competitive profession perform in such a “tremendous way” that there is nothing lacking in their onstage presence.

With her characteristic humor, Trevi discussed the subject so people will know she feels very proud of all that women have achieved in music.

“In the past we were silenced and our Beethovens and Mozarts spent their time raising children, which is also something marvelous, but now, in a very short time, we’ve made a name for ourselves with our music,” she said during the telephone interview.

Trevi has always been influenced by legendary female singers who were known “for expressing their feelings” like the Americans Janis Joplin and Tina Turner, and Argentina’s Mercedes Sosa.

“I’m more for artists who tear themselves apart emotionally than for the grand tessituras, without failing to admire those big voices,” she said.

The artist also cited Violeta Parra, Ana Gabriel and Diane Warren among her favorite composers: “They’ve influenced me with their images, rhymes and melodies.”

There was also her mother who taught her “poetry” and how to sing her first songs, the artist said, adding that her music is 100 percent organic. “It has to mean something, not just have a style.”

“I like all categories of music, and I think I can make a contribution to all of them as long as I truly identify myself, because I can’t avoid merging what I am with what I’m singing to feel I’m being honest.” Trevi said.

By Cynthia de Saint