La Oferta

December 11, 2023

Chicago police release body camera footage of man shot dead by officers

Chicago, USA, July 15 (EFE).- The Chicago Police Department on Sunday released video footage of an allegedly armed man who was shot dead by police in an incident that has provoked strong protests in Chicago’s South Side neighborhood.
Superintendent Eddie Johnson ordered the release of a video recording from a body camera carried by an officer at the scene on Saturday night.

The footage shows the victim – identified on Sunday as Harith Augustus, 37 – being stopped by police officers who try to grab his arms.

Augustus, who worked as a barber in the neighborhood where most residents are African-American, is then seen wriggling free before rolling over the hood of a car and trying to run away. He then appears to reach for a weapon on his waistband before police shoot.

The Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the Chicago Police Department in response to allegations of excessive force.

Johnson called the incident “tragic” and said he expects the neighborhood to collaborate with the police

He said the video was released before being shown to the victim’s family in order to ease public tension.

Soon after the news of Augustus’ death broke out, South Side residents gathered in a parking lot near the Third Police District office in the neighborhood and began throwing stones and bottles at the authorities.

Four protesters were arrested in the clash while several other officers were injured when trying to disperse the protesters.

In addition, two police patrol vehicles were found with tire cuts and serious damage.

The released footage lasts 45 seconds and has no sound.

Other recordings of the incident remain confidential and are being examined by the Civilian Office of Police Accountability, which is responsible for investigating officer-involved shootings.