La Oferta

December 11, 2023

People hurt in Mexico plane crash are recovering, official says

Mexico City, Aug 1 (EFE).- The condition of the 18 people who remain hospitalized following the crash of an Aeromexico jet near the northern city of Durango is improving, Durango state Gov. Jose Rosas Aispuro said Wednesday.

The most serious case is that of a girl with first- and second-degree burns, while the pilot is listed as stable after undergoing surgery Tuesday night.

Aeromexico Flight 4231 crashed Tuesday near Durango’s Guadalupe Victoria Airport seconds after taking off bound for Mexico City amid bad weather.

While Aispuro suggested that the 10-year-old Embraer aircraft was struck by a sudden gust of high wind, the cause of the accidents remains to be detertmined.

The plane had a crew of four and was carrying 99 passengers, including 11 children, and everyone managed to get out before the aircraft burst into flames.

The survival of all those aboard was due to “the quick action of the crew and the passengers,” Aeromexico CEO Andres Cobesa said.

The plane’s most recent service was in February and it was “perfectly maintained,” he said Wednesday.