La Oferta

December 6, 2023

Thousands honor slain golfer Celia Barquin at Iowa State University

Washington, Sep 22 (EFE).- Iowa State University on Saturday honored slain Spanish golfer and student Celia Barquin Arozamena in a massive ceremony prior to the start of a football game between the Cylcones, the school team, and Akron.

The school marching band formed Barquin’s initials on the football field, while players placed stickers of her initials on their helmets.

After a vigil was carried out to honor Celia on Thursday, the acts of commemoration continued Saturday with the tribute at the stadium, during which a video about the student’s life was also played and a moment of silence was observed.

The Spanish flag was also flown during the game, and fans were asked to wear yellow, which is one of the university’s main colors but also a reminder of Celia’s origins.

Saturday marks the day that the university had planned on presenting the golfer with the Female Athlete of the Year award for having won the Big 12 Women’s Golf Championship.

Barquin, who was 22, was studying her fifth year of civil engineering and planned on graduating next spring.

Barquin’s body was found on Monday by the police at the Coldwater golf course.

Soon afterward, authorities arrested Collin Daniel Richards, 22, who according to the police had told an acquaintance that he felt the “need” of “raping and killing a woman.”