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March 22, 2023

Group honors individuals for their longtime commitment to improving environmental conditions

September 27, 1995

La Oferta Newspaper.

The Silicon Valley Toxic Coalition held its annual fundraiser last Thursday evening. As is customary for this occasion, the Coalition honors persons who have advanced the cause of a healthy environment. This year, the group awarded Dr. Joseph LaDou the Debbie Cole memorial Community Service Award. Dr. LaDou is a medical doctor who pioneered the awareness of and research into illnesses caused by occupational working conditions. He was the leader ibn recognizing occupational illnesses in an electronic industry that was once touted as a “clean and benign industry.”

Besides many workers who have suffered serious life shortening illnesses, this Valley, once known as the “Valley of Hearts Delight” for its fields of fruit trees, now has 28 superfund toxic sites, many of which were spawned by this new industry.

California Assembly member Byron Sher of Palo Alto was awarded the Community Service Award. Assemblyman Sher is the author of landmark laws to protect the environment; including the California Clean Water Act, among other important environmental protection related legislation.

Sher is considered by many to be a strong contender for the U.S. Congressional seat to be vacated by San Jose’s Norm Mineta.

La Oferta writer, Coalition Board member and community advocate, Yolanda Reynolds, was awarded the Ted Zuur Volunteer of the Year Award. She was recognized for her volunteer work and advocacy for environmental justice a concept too often overlooked when low income communities are affected.

Reynolds has served on the SVTC Board since 1990.

The toxics Coalition has had a long-time commitment for ensuring a future, “which is based on a sustainable, non-polluting economy where a healthy environment is considered a right and not a privilege.”

The Coalition has been a leader in influencing, not only local environment thought, but has had a world side impact as well. Others now press worldwide for similar environmental standards. Such standards are increasingly necessary with the globalization of the economy and industrial activities that affect the world environment.

What happens in lndia, and Mexico has an impact here and what happens here affects the people of these countries as well.

Like other people oriented non-governmental and community organizations, social justice, democracy and liberty from their core values.

The toxics Coalition, has as its objectives, “documenting and exposing the hazards of toxic chemical use and pollution, educating the community about the dangers of toxic materials, empowering people to hold government and industry accountable and shifting the priorities of industry and government to focus on pollution prevention and the development of environmentally beneficial technologies and products”.

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