La Oferta

December 3, 2023

Ecuadorian army vows to cooperate with arms-trafficking probe

El comandante general del Ejército, el general de División Roque Moreira (c), habla durante una rueda de prensa hoy, miércoles 17 de octubre del 2018, en Quito (Ecuador).

Quito, Oct 17 (EFE).- The Ecuadorian army expressed regret Wednesday about the arrest of several soldiers accused of arms trafficking and pledged full cooperation with the investigation.

Lt. Gen. Roque Moreira, the army commander, said at a press conference in Quito that his institution will provide “full access to the competent authorities … to carry out all legal actions.”

The Attorney General’s Office searched military installations in several provinces as part of an probe of alleged trafficking of weapons, munitions and explosives.

“At this moment we have several detainees, among whom are soldiers on active service and civilians,” Interior Minister Maria Paula Romo said earlier Wednesday.

Moreira declined to provide more details, citing the need to protect the investigation, but emphasized that the army has always cooperated with police and prosecutors in cases of alleged wrongdoing by troops.