La Oferta

October 1, 2023

Presidents of Chile, Peru confirm good bilateral relations

El presidente de Chile, Sebastián Piñera (d), conversa hoy con su homólogo peruano, Martín Vizcarra (i), en el Palacio de la Moneda, en Santiago (Chile). Piñera y Vizcarra se reunieron hoy en Santiago para validar las buenas relaciones entre ambos países y firmaron una serie de acuerdos y compromisos en diferentes materias del ámbito bilateral y regional. EFE

Santiago, Nov 27 (EFE).- Chilean President Sebastian Piñera and Peruvian counterpart Martin Vizcarra met here Tuesday to confirm the health of bilateral relations and sign a series of agreements.

At the event, Piñera stressed that relations between Chile and Peru are going through “an extraordinarily positive period” that includes the possibility of “taking bigger steps forward.”

“We’re doing it in the Pacific Alliance (which also includes Mexico and Colombia), we’re doing it in the CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership), we’re doing it in the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum),” the Chilean president said.

“We agree on principles, democracy, human rights, respect for the independence of government branches, a commitment to freedom – but also in our views of the future,” Piñera said.

Vizcarra echoed the sentiments of his Chilean counterpart and emphasized the “willingness of both governments” to sign the agreements.

“In the five areas where we’re working, more than 100 commitments have been generated,” the Peruvian leader said. “It’s up to us to put forward the political will so that the commitments we’re making at this meeting come to a successful conclusion.”

Also participating in the event were government ministers accompanying Vizcarra, given that – apart from the presidents’ meeting – the parties also held an expanded 2nd Binational Cabinet conference.