La Oferta

December 11, 2023

Progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren launches US presidential campaign

Washington, Feb 9 (EFE).- Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren, considered one of the most progressive members of the US upper house, officially launched her campaign for the US presidential election of 2020.

“This is the fight of our lives. The fight to build an America where dreams are possible, an America that works for everyone…and that is why I stand here today: to declare that I am a candidate for President of the United States of America,” Warren, one of the country’s leading Democrats, announced to a crowd in Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Warren thus joined other senators of her party who have already announced their run for the White House, including Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand, while another progressive, Bernie Sanders, and lawmaker Amy Klobuchar are also expected to enter the race.

One of the first to make his electoral campaign official for the 2020 presidential election was the Latino Julian Castro, who was housing and urban development secretary in the government of President Barack Obama.

In her speech, Warren slammed the US system, which, she said, has left “middle-class families and people of color…shut out of their chance to build wealth for generations.”

Meanwhile, she added “the rules of our economy have gotten rigged so far in favor of the rich and powerful that everyone else is at risk of being left behind.”

Attending the official announcement were Senator Ed Markey, who this Friday presented an ambitious plan to halt climate change, and Rep. Joe Kennedy III of the family of former President John F. Kennedy.

Warren’s announcement comes at a time when her popularity has sunk after she published the results of a DNA test last October to show she is of Native American descent.

The daily Boston Globe published the results of a DNA test that at first seemed to show solid evidence there was a Native American in Warren’s genealogy.

Hours later, however, the newspaper acknowledged a mathematical error in calculating the genealogical heritage of Warren, and that the politician really had between 1/64 and 1/1,032 Native American.

That misfortune got Trump sarcastically calling her “Pocahontas” time after time, and irritated the indigenous Cherokee Nation, which said Warren’s decision to use DNA to prove Native American origins was “inappropriate and wrong.”

In 2012, the legislator said she had indigenous roots, but the lack of proof and her decision to list herself as a Native American with the Association of American Law Schools led Trump and other conservatives to accuse her of lying about that point in order to advance her career.

According to her campaign, Warren will travel over the coming days to seven states around the country, including New Hampshire, Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada, where some of the first Democratic primaries will be held with a view toward the 2020 elections.