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March 1, 2024

Bogota Fashion Week shows creative evolution in its third edition

Bogota, Apr 4 (EFE).– The third edition of the Bogota Fashion Week (BFW), which ended Thursday, showed an evolution at a “qualitative and creative level” that is reflected in the appreciation of companies from the capital by Colombian and international buyers.

The curator of the leather goods section of the BFW, Juan Antonio Lopez, told Efe on Thursday “more interesting brands have been applied to the fair, both in quality and creatively”.

“We are still waiting for the most important brands to aspire to be on the platform”, Lopez added.

The curators of the Bogota Fashion Week, part of the European Design Institute (EDI), help each company throughout the process, from product creation to marketing at the fair.

Lopez said that in the work of Colombian designers is a legacy that gives authenticity to the creations of which they take advantage of, although he believes they have not developed their full potential yet.

“The interesting thing about Colombia is that there is a very strong DNA. For example, jewelry here is very ancestral with communities that have been working for centuries. So these firms are enriched by their ancestors which gives them an added value,” jewelry curator Isabel Uribe said.

With each edition of the BFW, the level and demands to be part of the “talent pool” of the fair increases, so that year after year the various artists improve and are more valued by the curators.

“It’s gratifying because every time the level rises (…) Talent is linked to invoicing and creating a company. So, we try to give them all these tools so that they feel comfortable when it comes to projecting their brand,” Uribe added.

These tools, in her opinion, allowed each designer to better understand their brand in order to position it in the BFW, organized by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (CCB), and thus get more business.

The brands selected for this edition are made up of at least 23 clothing companies such as Adriana Santacruz, Isabel Henao, and Carolina Stefan.

Thirteen brands participated in jewelry and costume jewelry, including Alejandra Valdivieso, Alvaro Avila, and Fernanda Arias, and 12 from leather goods such as Ana Laverde, Bahareque and Strada, among others.