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October 4, 2022

Milpitas City Council Approves Funding for a 100% Affordable Housing Development and Expansion of Neighborhood Park at Sango Court

All 101 Units will be dedicated to low, very low, or extremely low income, veterans and special needs households and new park space will more than double in size

Milpitas City Councilmembers.

Milpitas, Calif. May 9, 2019– In support of the City’s commitment to affordable housing, community wellness and open space, the City Council took action at their meeting on May 7 that will allow for a 102-unit 100% affordable housing development and expansion of an adjacent neighborhood park located at 355 Sango Court in Milpitas. The neighborhood with have direct pedestrian and vehicle access to the Milpitas BART Transit Center and locations beyond.

The City Council, acting in their capacity as the Housing Authority, unanimously approved $6.5 million of funding in the form of a development loan for the 1.26-acre site. All units are reserved for low, very low, or extremely low income households, including 40 supportive housing units for veterans, many of whom are homeless or formerly homeless, as well as special needs households. There will also be one manager’s unit on premise. Resident services, including health and wellness programs, employment education, and youth enrichment activities, as well as supportive services and case management, will be provided.

“This project epitomizes our dedication to providing affordable housing within Milpitas,” said Councilmember Bob Nuñez. “To have all units reserved to those that are most vulnerable in our community, those who would not be able to live in this area otherwise, is a bold statement that here, in Milpitas, we take care of one another and are willing to think outside-the-box to bring innovate and creative funding solutions forward to address the housing crisis.”

Prior to this week’s action, the City Council had provided a predevelopment loan, as well as a loan using Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, which assisted with the land acquisition of the site. In total, the City has committed approximately $9 million towards the project, which is now very competitive when applying for state grants. While there is a fiscal impact, the Council recognized that this development will provide a significant benefit to the community in the form of affordable housing. The project can now move forward and stay on track for timely construction and completion, which will allow the units to contribute toward the City’s Regional Housing Needs Allocation goals.

The City Council also approved a Purchase and Sale Agreement for property located at 1700 Sango Court, which will allow for the vast expansion of Augustus Rathbone Park. With the park more than doubling in size, it will include a playground, public art, picnic area, and pathways.

In addition, the City Council approved the establishment of a housing subcommittee, served by Councilmembers Nuñez and Carmen Montano, with the intent of exploring solutions to the housing crisis.

“There is no denying that there is a lack of affordable housing in this region. We need to take a holistic approach to this issue and balance all the needs of the community,” said Councilmember Carmen Montano. “Through the housing subcommittee, we will continue to collect data from research and seek feedback from the community on services and programs to assist those that need our support. We will look into things like creating an emergency rental assistance fund, outside resources for rent relief programs and keeping track of and monitoring current developments that are supposed to include affordable units to ensure they are complying with City affordable housing policies.”

The newly-created housing subcommittee members will work with City staff to establish a schedule and workplan and once available, the informatio will be posted to the City’s website at