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December 10, 2023

Abodu’s Prefabricated Backyard Housing Units

Leverage City’s Preapproval Program for a
Fast, Lower-Cost Path to an ADU

From Contract Signing through a 1-day Installation,
San José’s First Preapproved Backyard Unit Took Less than 12 Weeks


Major Sam Liccardo (left) talks with representaties of Abodu.

San José, CA, March 4, 2020 Abodu, a Bay Area company that offers a fast, predictable, and lower-cost path to an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) has installed its first prefabricated unit in San José. From the signing of the contract to installation, the entire process took only 12 weeks. The permit was acquired on the same day that the plans were submitted to the City, and the installation took only one day. This is likely the fastest production to date of a granny unit or backyard home in modern San José history.

Major Sam Liccardo address members of the media.

The speedy process leverages the City of San José’s Preapproved ADU Program that launched last August. Designers/builders of ADUs who create standardized constructions plans can submit those plans to the City for preapproval; then, when a customer opts for a preapproved design, the permitting process goes quickly. Permit applicants must still submit construction plans to the City that address site-specific concerns (easements, for example, are a site-specific concern) or to show minor modifications, but the building permit approval may be issued in as little as 90 minutes. Abodu stands as the City’s first preapproved provider.

In recent years, the state of California has been easing regulations and expanding the opportunity for owners of single-family, duplex, and multifamily properties to build an ADU. ADUs may serve as additional space for family members or rental income.

With a 12-week turnaround from contract signing to project completion in San José, Abodu’s backyard homes are rapidly deployable, and starting at $199,000 are cost-effective. When units in a mid-rise apartment complex cost $650,000 or more to construct and can take more than year to get through an approval process, it’s clear why cities are pointing to ADUs as a key strategy to addressing the housing crisis.

“Custom-designed ADUs are out of reach for many homeowners, but prefabricated backyard homes are considerably more affordable” said San José Mayor Sam Liccardo. “We’re excited that Abodu’s prefabricated units are part of our Preapproved ADU Program so that together, we can offer an ADU option that adds critically-needed units to our city’s housing stock in a timely way.”

One of the new prefabricated homes.

“Abodu is proud to work with San José homeowners looking for a better way to build an ADU. We provide a fast, cost-effective alternative for those seeking more space,” said John Geary, co-founder at Abodu. “Whether a buyer is installing an Abodu backyard home for a family member or as an additional source of income, this is a great and easy way to increase the value and functionality of a home.”

Homeowners and contractors who are interested in learning more about Abodu can sign up at To learn more about ADUs in San Jose and the Preapproved ADU Program, visit