La Oferta

June 1, 2023


Coming this summer and fall: Gulet cruises on the Aegean

By Bob Schulman

Adventurous vacationers are invited to cruise the seaways of ancient Hellenic sailors on four upcoming trips across the Aegean Sea aboard traditional wooden gulets. Sleeping up to 18 persons, the gulets will poke along from island to island, giving guests a laid-back taste of the history of Greece while sampling local food and wine.

The sweetness of Todos Santos

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

Next time you're vacationing down at western Mexico's beach resort at Los Cabos consider a visit to the nearby town of Todos Santos. Besides offering the charm of one of one of the 110 or so pueblos magicos (magic cities) around the country, the little village is fast becoming known as a haven for foreign artists, mostly North Americans, who've moved there with their easels, pottery wheels and looms in recent years. 

Pengertian & dikala yg pas buat Bluffing Domino99 Online

By Bob Schulman

Hurry, hurry… you can be the first kid on your block (or perhaps all of San Jose) to take a newly announced guided tour of the Baltic hotspots of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (all independent countries) plus Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania).

Lunch on Fiji: A Tale of the South Pacific

Story and photos by Bob Schulman

What in the world could Thomas Baker have been thinking when he started fiddling with a hair comb worn by a Fijian chief in 1867? After eight years on the island, the English missionary should have known that touching the head of a chief – especially a cannibal chief – is a huge no-no in Fijian culture. So it’s no wonder he wound up as lunch that day.

Caesarea: From gladiators to rock fests on the Israeli coast

By Bob Schulman   

Not too many of his subjects were saddened by the death of King Herod the Great in 4 B.C. Herod, the Romans’ front man for their Judean province, was known for his mass slaughters of enemies, suspected enemies and real and imagined conspirators. Untrustworthy family members bit the dust, too, among them one of his wives, three sons, a mother in law and two brothers in law.