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July 20, 2024

Events Around the Bay

By Lina Broydo

Virtual Centennial Celebration of Perfect 36

August 26 at 5:30 p.m.

This timely digital presentation of Perfect 36 not only celebrates a historic anniversary of Women’s Equality Day and the Centennial of the 19th Amendment, but reminds us all to honor these women by exercising the hard fought right to vote as the 2020 election approaches.

In celebration of  this historic occasion TheatreWorks Silicon Valley and The Woman’s Club of Palo Alto present a virtual performance of excerpts and songs from Perfect 36, with lyrics and book by Laura Harrington, music by Mel Marvin, and direction by Mac Pirkle.

This dynamic musical commemorates a pivotal moment in Democracy when women won the right to vote. Set in 1920, Perfect 36 honors the indomitable spirit of the suffragettes as they battle to secure a 36 state majority in order to ratify the 19th amendment.

Hosted by TheatreWorks’s Artistic Associate and Director of New Works Giovanna Sardelli, this special streamline event will feature a conversation with the show’s book writer and lyricist Laura Harrington.


Free, but the donations are welcome


The show will be available to stream at

Historic Photos and the Photo of Giovanna Sardelli courtesy of Theatreworks


The Lost Pianos of Siberia 

August 27 at 10 a.m.

Join the fascinating conversation with remote travel writer Sophy Roberts, direct from London about her first book: “The Lost Pianos of Siberia.”

Although Siberia’s story is usually one of exile, penal colonies and unmarked graves, there is another tale to tell about one of our planet’s harshest landscapes. Dotted throughout this remote land are many pianos―grand instruments created during the boom years of the 19th century, as well as humble, Soviet-made uprights

These pianos bear witness to the enthusiasm with which Russians have taken to piano music ever since Catherine the Great’s westernizing influences introduced it to Russian culture.

Follow Roberts as she tracks pianos and their histories through a desolate land inhabited by wild tigers and deeply shaped by its dark history—from the piano that Maria Volkonsky, wife of an exiled Decembrist revolutionary, used to spread music east of the Urals.

That these pianos still exist in such a hostile landscape is remarkable. That they are still capable of making music in far-flung villages is nothing less than miraculous.


This program is free but your donation during the registration will be welcome


This program will be online-only.

Pre-register to receive for a link to the program

Copies of Roberts’ book can be purchased during registration (for shipment to domestic U.S. addresses only)

Photos courtesy of Commonwealth Club


The Drive-in Movies are Finally Open!

Movie lovers rejoice! Who remembers spending each weekend at the drive-in movie? I do. Pack your kids and your pooch into your car and head over to a drive-in movies all over the Bay Area. West Wind Drive-In & Public Market announced that they’ll reopen a number of their all-digital drive-in theaters to the public, including those located in Concord, San Jose and Sacramento.

Guests will be required to wear a face mask whenever they are outside of their vehicle, and they won’t be permitted to leave their cars throughout the duration of the movie (except to use the restroom).

Cars must park ten feet apart and the moviegoers are also asked to prepare for socially distanced lines. The snack bar will be closed, although guests can bring their own food.

Moviegoers were also asked to prepare for socially distanced lines.

With a bucket of fresh, buttery popcorn your evening will be delightful and delicious.


Photo courtesy of West Wind Drive-In


Airline Food.. at Home? Why not help a company in need?

Known as the land o innovations Israel is creating a new way to enjoy the airline food at home. Really? Seriously? For those of us missing the experience of international travel – in particular, the inflight dining experience, an Israeli company is bringing airplane meals to the comfort of home.

A leading airline food distributor has “repurposed” the airplane meals they produce – offering the in-flight meals to the general public as a low-cost delivery option during the pandemic. Tamam Kitchen, which services Israel’s El Al airlines, Turkish Airlines and other international carriers flying out of Tel Aviv, piloted the idea in late July as a way to stay in business.

The company’s cheery video ad on Facebook features food trays gliding over a cloudy blue sky. “Fly to order!” it says in Hebrew.

The meals are priced at as little as $3 a tray. With a promotional campaign of  “Stick it in the microwave, warm it up for five minutes, and then you have a meal” its customers include a Google employee working from home who bought kids meals for her children and a major company that bought meals for its employees to spice up an online video conference.

A large portion of the new customers, the company says, are senior citizens who have been isolated at home for months and are looking for cheap and easy meals. I wonder if United, American or Alaska Airlines will follow in delivering meals to my home?

For now I’ll close my eyes and pretend I am flying to an exotic destination.

Photo courtesy of Tamam Kitchen


Spanish Stairs in Rome, Italy

Each week from August 13, 2020 and for the duration of the Covid-19 nightmare I will post a different set of decorative stairs with hope we will reach the top of these stairs when the brilliant minds will find and implement the miraculous vaccine.

Cheer up! Stay Safe!

(You can see my daily posts of “Painted or Tiled Stars” on my Lina Broydo TravelLina Blog on Facebook starting July 31, 2020)