La Oferta

May 24, 2022

San Jose Mayor’s Statement on Vandalism of Home by Protestors

SAN JOSE, CA – Late Friday evening, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo’s house was vandalized by protestors who spray painted expletives, fired paintballs, and burned an unknown flag in front of his house. He was not home when the vandalism took place. Neighbors graciously assisted in clean-up later that same evening. He released the following statement addressing the event:

“I’m tremendously heartened by the response of dozens of my neighbors who dropped everything late last night to spend a couple of hours scrubbing graffiti from Jessica’s and my home.  Many of these same neighbors’ homes bear “Black Lives Matter” signs, and they represent the true spirit of the movement, and of our San Jose community.  They contrast sharply with the roughly hundred so-called “protesters” who stood by silently—or even cheered—as a flag was burned and while “f*ck you” and other messages were scrawled on our home.”