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April 16, 2024

Teatro Nahual Presents the virtual play, “Malinche Show”

Malinche Show-Actors and Crew. Photo by Gerardo Fernández

San José, CA. 5 dic. 2020 – Teatro Nahual invites you to the virtual presentation of the theatrical production, “Malinche Show” written by the renowned Mexican playwright, Willebaldo López. This historical farce has a plot based on real events in the history of Mexico, and staged in a fun way. Always generating laughter in the audience, but with a reflective background in the style of Teatro Nahual productions. In these difficult times, Teatro Nahual is socially committed to providing a moment of entertainment that can bring hope and encouragement to our Hispanic community through art and theater in Spanish.

Teatro Nahual, a pioneer group of Latin American theater entirely in Spanish in the Bay Area, found it necessary to cancel its most recent play, “Malinche Show” after a premiere on February 29; the artistic work carried out for six months was cut short by a viral invader that has plagued our community and the entire world, regardless of race, creed and age. The theatrical product presented by the actors of Teatro Nahual last February, includes an elaborate work of production and artistic direction, which includes the adaptation of the libretto, the preparation of the analysis of the work, the acting training, together with the composition of musical pieces, costume and prop design, set design and construction work, digital design work, and fundraising activities. Additionally, practice space rental expenses, insurance, multiple hours of acting rehearsals, and a considerable investment to premiere the play in a community theater. Unfortunately, the product of this hard work for Teatro Nahual was the closure of the theater space due to the coronavirus. Gradually, commercial theaters at the local level in the different counties of California began to close, also at the national level, and consequently at the global level. Without a doubt, the performing arts has been one of the most affected sectors in this year 2020.

Malinche Show, Photo by Gerardo Fernández

“Malinche Show” is a historical musical comedy that analyzes a perspective of the history of Mexico and its relationship with other countries of the American continent. Emphasize how television, media, and foreign influence can dramatically change the thinking and life of a human being. This play offers a vision of what it means to be children of Malinche, heirs of Malinche, and that can cause complex insecurity in the life and mood of the Mexican people. The work addresses how people may feel intimidated or ashamed to speak their language, Spanish, and why they do not want to be judged and criticized against foreign people.

Also, “Malinche Show” raises how influential people in the fields of government, religion, technology, and business pressure the main characters of the play, the people, to participate and alienate in the vast machinery of “La Malinche.” This mechanical web offers a good life, where everyone can be famous and rich, but they must pay a high price that is losing their own identity if they want to be part of the “Malinche Show.”

Teatro Nahual is proud to present, “Malinche Show” after the great success in television of the series of “Hernán” and “La Malinche” in the Mexican Republic. This theatrical montage features performances by Abraham Mijangos, Blanca Nieto, Luis Nicolás, Alicia Sauceda, Gerardo Fernández, John Cabrera, Eugenio Rocca, Gregorio Montes and Alejandra Trigueros.The musical is created by Isidro Jiménez and the voice of the soprano Divina Ortega. The talented Bridget Willy designs the scenery. The artistic direction is from the director and founder of Teatro Nahual, Verónica Meza.

Teatro Nahual is a non-profit organization founded in Santa Clara County in 2003. The mission is to provide education and entertainment through plays that represent Latin American culture and customs in California and the United States. The productions of this community theater group have the purpose of creating a social conscience and establishing a dialogue that allows informing about cultural, social, and political situations, at the same time that the audience spends a pleasant moment to enjoy theatrical works entirely in Spanish. Nahual Theater is made up of actors, musicians, educators, designers, and people from the community interested in joining efforts to promote the magic of theater. Acting classes are also taught in Spanish for children, youth, and adults since 2004.

“Malinche Show” will be presented virtually on Saturday, December 12 at 7:00 p.m., and on Saturday, December 19 at 7:00 p.m., via Zoom Live and Teatro Nahual-YouTube Live.

Tickets are available on Eventbrite:–tickets-130359208903?fbclid=IwAR3fLb9LiwDWs4Xw5NkF17tl_ezEncob8-8aDXRh_zfdUnm6o6OwzDLmxQ8

For more information, you can send a message to: or call: 650-793-0783.