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March 1, 2024

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52 Los Altos Rotary Bears Came out of Hibernation

By Lina Broydo

There is more to Silicon Valley than just chips and technology. Surrounded by the headquarters of Google, Apple, Tesla, SAP, Facebook, Applied Material and Intel, just to name a few, the picturesque little town of Los Altos came alive with the addition of 52 Rotary Bears.

The transformation of white fiberglass bears in several sizes who found their way to the streets of Los Altos, California from Nebraska and Illinois, was truly magical.

The whimsical and colorful bears were painted and decorated by the local award winning professional artists as well as the talented local high school students, all selected for this artistic endeavor by the Los Altos Rotarian and the distinguished Art Consultant Carol Dabbs, who coordinated this project for Los Altos Rotary Club.

“There is another meaning with the bears on display as people are returning to outdoor activities after the COVID-19 lockdown,” says Ms. Dabbs.

“The bears are coming  out of hibernation, just like we have.”

The bears are part of a fundraising art project orchestrated by the Los Altos Rotary Club with proceeds benefitting both the artists as well as local nonprofits through the Club’s grants.

The unbearably exciting news to share is that these adorable bears are up for action!

Find the bear you like, give it a hug (yes, virtual hug is welcome) and bid using the QR code placed next to the bear.

For more information visit

And no bear parade will be complete without the Rotary’s salute to California’s Smokey Bear, who is proudly stationed on the Main Street of Los Altos reminding children to not play with matches in order to prevent forest fires.

And as we all know pictures speak louder than words.. enjoy the images of some of the bears displayed on the streets of Los Altos through October 9, when they will be auctioned off.

“Rotarians with the bear: “Can you see yourself in California”