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December 5, 2023

Maddy and Mia: TriPaw Tales

Maddy and Mia: TriPaw Tales written by Pamela Adler and Illustrated by Monique Seibel is an early reader chapter book designed for young children who are just beginning to read on their own.  Inspired by a real-life, three-legged toy poodle named Mia, the chapters are written in a way that allows kids six to eight years of age to easily comprehend the story lines and relate to the topics that are presented.  Preschoolers can also comfortably follow along, using the colorful illustrations that depict each story.

The book begins with Maddy eagerly anticipating the arrival of a litter of puppies and excited at the prospect of selecting one to keep for her very own.  As Maddy observes the new born, wriggling puppies, she notices one in particular that is unlike the others.  When she realizes the smallest puppy is also missing a front leg, Maddy chooses it as the one she wants to keep and names her Mia.  So begins the loving bond that is at the heart of Maddy and Mia: TriPaw Tales.

Each of the seven chapters follow Maddy and Mia on a variety of adventures where opportunities are presented to make choices.  The topics and situations are universal and relevant to issues kids face today.  Maddy draws upon the examples her parents have set for her as well as the lessons she learned from watching Mia overcome the struggles associated with a missing limb. The New Puppy reveals Maddy’s compassion when she thinks of Mia as special, not damaged.  In Courage and Kindness, Maddy is reminded that strength and perseverance come in many forms.  And in The Golden Rule, Mia is a steadfast example of how being different isn’t something to fear but something to respect and rejoice in.

Young readers will be uplifted with the positive outcome of each chapter.  “My hope is the life lessons contained in Maddy and Mia: TriPaw Tales will provide useful guidance for children who find themselves in similar situations,” declares the author Pamela Adler.

The author, Pamela Adler, will have her next book signing on Oct. 3rd in Walnut Creek at Flashlight Books, between 11:00-1:00 pm. The book store is located on 1537 N. Main St, Walnut Creek, CA 94596.

Maddy and Mia TriPaw Tales, ISBN 978-1-947860-79-7, Published by Belle Isle Books can be ordered through .