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December 3, 2023

Rigo Chacón will not be running for Congress

February 2, 1994

By Yolanda Reynolds

La Oferta Newspaper.

Rigo Chacón,T.V. Newscaster and San Josean, surrounded by many supporters announced that he would not be a candidate for the 10th. U.S. Congressional District.

Chacón explained that his decision to quickly withdraw from the race were family concerns. His mother and father, Rigo said, are elderly, and he said that he prefers to be 15 minutes from their home rather than to live across the nation, hours away, in Washington D.C.

Chacon affirmed the feelings of many in this Valley towards Don Edwards. Chacón said that Congressman Edwards was a person who served the nation and his Congressional District honestly and “armed himself with the Constitution to defend the basic human rights of our nation’s people.”

“Who ever seeks this office,” Chacón said, “will have not only to promote the economic might of the Valley but must also address the human needs of is residents in particular those of the children.”

Chacón, noted for his expressive and eloquent manner of delivery spoke of those quality of life issues that are missing in too many political agendas and explained that those concerns had brought together many who felt as he did. Chacón said that he would not offer any comments on any future run for elective office. He explained that he will remain as the South Bay correspondent for Channel 7.

La Oferta Newspaper

Chacón, who has a loyal following in the area said that he would continue, as in the past to objectively report the news.

Many community leaders were in attendance and when Chacón said that he would not seek the post it was as if a sadness descended upon the group.

In either case – in Washington or in San Jose – Chacón will continue to be a source of inspiration to many and make his not in-significant contribution to the community.

Chacón said he plans to continue the “Abrazos and Books” Scholarship program that has helped students both in the United States and México realize their educational dreams. © La Oferta Newspaper.