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December 2, 2023

Events and Picnics Around the Bay

By Lina Broydo

The unexpected avalanche of the outbreak of the viscous Coronavirus turned our lives upside down resulting in closure of the corporations, companies, schools, museums, theatres, restaurants and bars. The kids are asked to continue their education via the home schooling method on computers, the laptops, I-Pads and i-Phones.

The pets are confused but thrilled to have their entire loving family at home. But what do they know? Washing your hands becomes a major necessity. But there comes a time for a bit of fun and a short outing to the closest park or the sandy beach.

Its time for a lovely and delicious picnic: bring a blanket, a basket with wine, water, sourdough bread, cheese, dry Italian salami and fresh aromatic fruits. Don’t forget your pets food and a tennis ball to play with them.

Spring Arrived to the Stunning Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Take a stroll along the Ocean Beach and its rolling ocean’s waves to reach the neighboring Seal Rock Beach where the noisy seals are stretching in the sun and play on the protruding rocks. Ocean Beach, one of my favorite places in the city, is a beautiful and quiet beach with gorgeous white sand and mesmerizing sunsets. It’s mainly visited by locals with few tourists in site.

The beach stretches out in front of you for 3.5 miles and is very quiet, it can just be you, the birds and the ocean waves. The blue waters covered with white playful crowns are good for surfing but only if you are experienced as it can become very choppy. The beach is part of the Golden Gate National Park, protecting it from the high rises or ugly buildings to look at.

Instead you will see beautiful natural views and also the Golden Gate Bridge. With a feeling that this is your private beach it is a perfect getaway destination for your family’s lovely picnic and the short respite from the worrying times around us.


Ocean Beach

Great Pacific Highway in San Francisco

Plenty of free parking


Half Moon Bay, We Need You! 

Named by USA Today as one of the 15 “Happiest Seaside Towns” in America, Half Moon Bay is a place where life is supposedly a smiley face.

This small town also known as Princeton-by-the-Sea offers miles of white sand beaches, spectacular coastline along the blue and green Pacific Ocean, redwood forests, beautiful state parks, the migratory birds all gravitating to this tranquil life in the Golden State and colorful fields of wild and cultivated flowers – it is only 35 minutes drive from my family’s home in San Francisco.

And with the minimum traffic on normally packed to the capacity with cars Hwy. 280 – this is a must visit and explore place for a short getaway afternoon.

So dust off your bikes, load it up in your SUV, pack a picnic basket and a sunblock and enjoy a picturesque get-away drive leaving your cooped up for days life in the city.

Don’t own a bike? Rent one in Half Moon Bay. Make sure to take a bike ride to the Maverick Beach. Dogs are allowed. This is Social Distancing at its best…


Half Moon Beach

Hwy. 280 and Hwy. 92

For additional information visit

Photos by Lina Broydo


The Magic of Golden Gate Park

Known all over the world, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park is an international treasure celebrating its 150th anniversary. Located on the 1,017 acres, the park is known for its magnificent scenery, the world renowned De Young and the Legion of Honor Museums, SF Conservatory of Flowers and is a perfect place for picnics, hiking, jogging, biking, boating and major rock concerts.

It is a beautiful park where every member of your family can find something special to enjoy.

Explore the uncovered treasures and gems of the Japanese Tea Garden, tour and smell the flowers, observe the groups of people meditate, exercise and dance while remembering to keep the necessary distance between their companions.

Don’t leave your favorite pooch at home as he/she also needs fresh air and exercise.

Golden Gate Park San Francisco

Photo courtesy of SF Conservatory of Flowers