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April 16, 2024

Events Around the Bay

By Lina Broydo

Pianist Jon Nakamatsu and Clarinetists Alec and Jon Manasse Join San José Chamber Orchestra in Presenting the Happy New Year 2022 Concert 

January 2, 2022 at 3 p.m.

This is a phenomenal afternoon of music virtuosos not to be missed! With the magnificent music by Chopin, Krommer, Jessie Montgomery, Mozart, Prokofiev, Gershwin and Michael Touchi and the stunning performances by the world famous pianist Jon Nakamatsu and clarinetists Alec and Jon Manasse who join the San José Chamber Orchestra and its outstanding and remarkable conductor Maestra Barbara Day Turner who is the founder and music director of the San José Chamber Orchestra.

The newly renovated performance space at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Willow Glen is beautiful, inviting and offers excellent acoustics projecting well the sounds of the in-house keyboards.

It’s a splendid and inspirational way to start a new year on a happy note! See you there my music aficionados friends.

San Jose will never sound better!

Tickets and Information


Ticket price: $50

Senior $45 for age 62 and above.

Age 22 and under all seats $15

St. Francis Episcopal Church is located in Willow Glen, San Jose

Proof of vaccination and masks required.

No tickets sold at the door.

Photos courtesy of SJCO


36th Annual New Year Bell Ringing Ceremony – Virtual

December 31 at 11 a.m.  

San Francisco’s Asian Art Museum, one of my favorite museums in the Bay Area, goes virtual while extending it’s invitation to greet the New Year in the comfort of your home with the annual bell ringing ceremony.

“Connecting with art, cultures, ideas, and one another is at the heart of what we do as a museum” is the motto of Jay Xu, the museum’s CEO. The bell will be struck 108 times to usher in the New Year and curb the 108 mortal desires (bonno) that, according to Buddhist belief, torment humankind.

As you listen to each ring of the bell, imagine leaving behind the unfortunate experiences, regrettable deeds, or ill luck from 2021. Tune in with the whole family at 10 a.m. for the New Year Bell Ringing Storytelling program including the exploration of recipes and activities you and your family can do at home in celebration of the New Year. Staying at home with your family can be fun.



Asian Art Museum

200 Larkin Street in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Asian Art Museum


New Year’s Eve with Darren Criss and the San Francisco Symphony
December 31, at 7:30 p.m.
Before the ball drops, get into your tux and a gorgeous sparkling gown and head to the beautifully adorned for the holidays Davies Symphony Hall.
Get in the festive mood and say an energetic farewell to the challenging 2021 with the grand finale performance by award-winning actor, singer and songwriter Darren Criss – a San Francisco native famed for his role on television’s Glee and American Crime Story and the renowned San Francisco Symphony under the brilliant baton of Maestro Bruce Anthony Kiesling.
Wishing you happy and healthy 2022!
Davies Symphony Hall
201 Van Ness Street in San Francisco
Photo courtesy of SF Symphony 


Fun, Funny and Happy Hydrants in Belmont 

Spend some fun time on the streets of Belmont. Walking along the residential area or driving along downtown you will notice the colorfully painted and whimsically decorated hydrants popping up all over the place.

The usually dull looking hybrids we are used to see have been transformed to a lovely attraction for small kids to enjoy and look at. The tradition of decorating the hybrids in Belmont started in the early 1970th in a tribute to the approaching U.S. Bicentennial and Belmont’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

The creative spirit of decorating of over 300 city hydrants offered the amateur artists to express their vision of the happy and lovely city they live in. Take your youngsters for a stroll and pass along to them the Happy Hydrants history.

Photos courtesy of the City of Belmont