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July 22, 2024

Mendocino Has a New Star on its Horizon: “Stanford Inn & Resort”

By Lina Broydo

“The Mendocino Film Festival put me up at Stanford Inn. The property is absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. Breakfast featured creative vegan food. The Inn is very near the town of Mendocino. A pleasure all round.”  – Holly Near, Musician, Singer/Songwriter

After traveling all over the globe, I finally came to the conclusion that it’s time for me to explore some of the nearby destinations in my own home state. With my new motto of “you don’t have to go away to get away,” I bid farewell, at least for a while, to the mandatory three hour pre-departure chaos of the Bay Area’s airports which includes anxiously zigzagging between endless lanes in the hopes of finding a parking spot at the long-term parking area. The tedious and time consuming Travelogue saga is extended for an additional thirty minutes of constant stops as I rattle along on the complimentary airport  shuttle’s route to finally reach my designated International Terminal (and why on earth would they call an airport building a “Terminal”? That’s morbid). Well, the soap opera continues as I submit myself to the lengthy security checkpoints, schlep around my oversized carry-on luggage ( for which the airlines now started charging) as I finally reach my seat on the packed plane. Phew!
But with my new decision to travel locally, this is all behind me now. California, here I come! I am free as a bird! This is leisure and casual time on my traveling agenda! Dressed in my comfy sweats and Nike’s high heel-less sport shoes, sans my heavy mascara, shiny lipstick, and my usual perfectly coiffed “do”, I jump into my sporty red Beamer, turn on the radio’s dial to my favorite country music station, and head to my soon-to-be discovered (and hopefully enjoyable) Golden State destination: the scenic Mendocino Coast in Northern California, only three hours drive from my home in San Francisco and the site of the picturesque Mendocino’s Stanford Inn & Resort, the only 100% plant-based retreat in the United States.
Located on the sprawling grounds of the Mendocino Coast, The Stanford Inn and Resort  transports guests to another world – one where nature envelops and caresses their guests. The craftsman-style building exudes elegance and creates a feeling of lightness, with stunning views over the water and the resort’s organic farm and gardens. Graciousness starts in the inviting lobby and extends to the cozy and well-appointed rooms. It is also  the only Mendocino destination featuring a fitness center and a solarium enclosed saltwater pool with a sauna and hot tub. Ahh…  They also offer a variety of inspiring wellness classes, daily yoga, and the property is also home to a spa, “Massage in the Forest” and thanks in part to the onsite, award-winning “Ravens” restaurant.
“We hope our guests will gain a sense of connection,” says Jeff Stanford, who owns and operates the Inn with his wife Joan. “In these times, connecting with nature is so vital for well-being. We arise within nature and without recognizing and experiencing our bond with nature it can be challenging to connect with ourselves and each other.” The Stanfords are dedicated to living sustainably in harmony with the earth and they strive to share this healthy, rewarding lifestyle with others. Joan is a registered Art Therapist who leads Creative Playshop classes for guests. Jeff’s background is in anthropology and today he is an ordained minister, officiating weddings at the property upon request, and serving as the chef of Ravens restaurant.
Guests can learn the joy of plant-based living while experiencing the luxury of the Inn at one of their Vegan Retreats, with one retreat occurring per season. Whether already vegan or merely vegan-curious, these retreats are life-changing. From cooking to nutrition, long-term habit change to environmental and ethical discussions, participants learn everything they need to know to be a happier, healthier person.” The Stanford Inn & Resort was just named the #1 Vegan hotel in the US by VegNews. 
Retreat attendees enjoy: Four nights at the indulgent Stanford Inn & Resort; Four plant-based breakfasts; Four plant-based dinners; Two plant-based cooking classes; Nutrition/healthy living class with author/nutritionist Sid Garza-Hillman; Small Steps Class (Stress Management and Habit Change) with author/nutritionist Sid Garza-Hillman;  “Bringing it Home” conversation – how to apply what you’ve learned!;  Complimentary copies of:  “Dining at the Ravens Cookbook” by Jeff and Joan Stanford;  “The Art of Play” by Joan Stanford;  “Approaching the Natural” by Sid Garza-Hillman; “Six Truths” by Sid Garza-Hillman; Mountain bike rental.
Upcoming Vegan Retreats: Thursday, July 11 – July 15, and September 5 – September 9, 2024.
Price is $2,610.00 per person plus tax (single occupancy) and $1,850.00 per person plus tax (double occupancy). Gratuities are not included.
On my inaugural journey of discovering the Golden State, I think I did achieve my aim. I forgot about the AI integration and saturation for a few days… This was a wonderful debut to my exploration of California and it is located right in my almost backyard…  Dora the Explorer would have been very proud of me, for sure.
For reservations and additional information visit; or call 707-937-5615.
The Stanford Inn & Resort is a pet friendly eco-resort. Don’t leave home without your favorite pooch.
Photos courtesy of Stanford Inn & Resorts