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July 22, 2024

County of Santa Clara Parks expects a “Super Bloom” following Winter storms

Visitors can use an interactive map to find the best trails to enjoy the explosion of wildflowers

Santa Clara County, CA.  Aoril 12, 2023– Santa Clara County Parks officials anticipate an extraordinary display of wildflowers to bloom this spring due to this winter’s rainfall. The California poppy, lupine, and buttercups are just a few of the flowers that will be on full display for enthusiasts and recreationalists.

The explosion of flowers, known colloquially to some as a “super bloom,” is expected to be in full swing once a prolonged period of sunshine and warm weather occurs. It is expected to last through May.

“It’s been a cold and rainy winter for many in the Bay Area, but our reward will be an awesome array of wildflowers for everyone to enjoy,” said Santa Clara County Parks Director, Don Rocha. “Our accessible trail system will provide outstanding opportunities for all to view, no matter their skill level.
Once the bloom begins, Parks staff will continue to monitor the trails to keep visitors up to date for the best places to view the wildflowers.”

Trail users can find the hot spots for the upcoming wildflower array using the ArcGIS system. The dashboard allows people to view the trails in Santa Clara County and summary statistics about them. The recommended County Parks to view the wildflowers are Stiles Ranch Trail at Santa Teresa, Calero, Coyote Lake Harvey Bear, Almaden Quicksilver, and Joseph D. Grant.

“The Santa Clara County Park system is unique and beautiful, and I hope everyone can come out and enjoy all that it has to offer,” said Parks Natural Resource Program Coordinator Dana Page.

Visitors are asked to stay on established trails and avoid walking, laying or standing on the flowers. Parks staff also asks that people practice “pack in, pack out” and to throw trash away properly into the designated receptacles.

Users can find trail maps and use the ArcGIS System at